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Nevada Public Health Foundation (NPHF) is a 501(c)(3) education organization serving as an essential public health partner in identifying opportunities, mobilizing resources, and delivering programs to build a healthy future for Nevada.

Our vision is for a healthy future for all Nevada communities and the people who live in them.

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Updates in Health News:

Study: This common household chore is as damaging as smoking 20 cigarettes a day

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 15 hours ago
Love to keep a tidy home? The chemicals in common cleaning sprays could be detrimental to your respiratory system, according to a new report. » RELATED: Just one cigarette can lead to daily smoking,...

Massive sheep discovery stuns scientists

Morning Ticker - 2 hours ago
Scientists have discovered a way to grow human organs in the body of a sheep, a major breakthrough in the medical community. In an astonishing new first, scientists have managed to create the first...

Why not offering paid sick leave makes flu season worse, hurts bottom line

Chicago Daily Herald - 2 days ago
This winter's flu season is shaping up to be a nasty one, with flu-related hospitalization rates outpacing anything seen in recent years, according to the CDC. This year's vaccine is less...

Parents Are Feeding Their Kids Bleach To 'Cure' Autism, What Is MMS?

Tech Times - 14 minutes ago
Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) has been circulating the online market for years as a "miracle cure" for many health woes such as brain cancer, brain injury, autism, and even baldness. Is...

Spoonfuls of this snack could benefit adults with high blood pressure, study says

Sacramento Bee - 10 hours ago
In the realm of snacks, yogurt has always been considered one of the healthier options. But is it so healthy, it can help lower risk of cardiovascular disease? A study published Thursday in American...

Local partnership's work is credited for healthy savings

Crain's Cleveland Business - 1 hour ago
A new Health Affairs study links nearly $40 million in savings over six years to the work of Better Health Partnership, a Cleveland-based regional health care improvement collaboration of primary...

Scientists Explore Ties Between Alzheimer's And Brain's Ancient Immune System

NPR - 34 minutes ago
Beer has fueled a lot of bad ideas. But on a Friday afternoon in 2007, it helped two Alzheimer's researchers come up with a really a good one. Neuroscientists Robert Moir and Rudolph Tanzi were...

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