Pam Abercrombie, MPA

Deputy Executive Director

Pam Abercrombie was born and raised in Carson City, Nevada. She loves living with the mountains to the west, the desert to the east, and having beautiful Lake Tahoe as her ocean. She and her husband of 12 years, along with two four-legged children, spend most of their spare time camping all over rural Nevada. Pam has been in the nonprofit field for the past 16 years, which includes seven years serving a Nevada Tribal Government. The Deputy Executive Director role at Nevada Public Health Foundation provides her an opportunity to serve as a leader, something Pam does well.

Pam began her nonprofit career as a youth program coordinator. Following this, she advanced her career by moving into administration serving as the tribal education director for Yerington Paiute Tribe. She was promoted to education director/juvenile probation counselor within a couple years.  After leaving Yerington, she earned a Master in Public Administration, which provided the opportunity to advance her administrative skills. In no time, she employed her enhanced skills serving the Comstock Foundation for History & Culture as the executive director for three years and advancing the mission of this organization.

Today, as the deputy executive director for NPHF, Pam shadows the executive director and researches public health policy and public health needs in Nevada. Pam brings to NPHF a wealth of knowledge on rural and frontier Nevada and the unique qualities of Nevada communities. Pam loves policy, strategic planning, and facilitation. NPHF recently had Pam certified as an Effective Facilitator. She highly regards collaboration and relishes every opportunity to research. Public health is important to Pam, especially in her home Nevada. NPHF is an opportunity for Pam to influence positive outcomes for a healthy future of Nevada communities and the people who live in them.