Our History

Nevada Public Health Foundation (NPHF) was incorporated as a non-profit in Nevada in April 1996 and serves as an essential public health partner in mobilizing resources and delivering programs to build a healthy future for Nevadans.  NPHF is fully incorporated and approved by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) education non-profit organization.  NPHF serves to strengthen public health in Nevada through statewide partnerships that build public awareness and promotes actions to address public health needs.  Since its creation, NPHF has had a strong relationship with the Department of Health and Human Services agencies, especially with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services and growing partnerships with the Division of Child and Family Services and the Division of Aging and Disability Services.  NPHF was founded by former Department of Health and Human Services Administrators to help implement programs/projects statewide.  Frankie Sue Del Papa, in her capacity as the State Attorney General, brought forward NPHF’s first priority service – teen pregnancy prevention.

NPHF is fiscally responsible and has passed annual audits with no major findings.  NPHF is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a variety of entities interested in ensuring a strong public health environment such as local public health authorities, the School of Community Health Sciences at UNR, the Board of Regents for the Nevada University system, representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, legal and fiscal.  Several years ago (2012), NPHF applied to the United Way of Northern Nevada for its Standard of Excellence – Partner Status.  To meet this standard, NPHF had to pass their rigorous governance standards, have established bylaws that are used regularly and updated, have an active Board of Directors, have developed policy guidelines, meet their human resources administration (personnel policies, code of professional ethics), meet their physical facility criteria, have adequate insurance for Board members/professional staff and general liability, meet their fiscal management standards, maintain minutes of Board meetings, be fiscally responsible, file IRS Form 990 annually, complete yearly audits and have a cash reserve for three (3) months of budgeted expenditures.  NPHF was notified by United Way it met or exceeded the standards set and was granted their Standard of Excellence – Partner Status.

NPHF has completed a number of sub-contracts for human services state agencies and many work orders since the inception of what is known as the Master Service Agreement (MSA) issued through the Nevada State Purchasing Department starting around fiscal year 2000.  Many examples of the work completed by NPHF includes (but is not limited to) planning and implementing statewide conferences, workshops, and planning meetings.  Through its community building efforts, creative programs have been initiated and implemented such as a jail diversion program in Carson City that has since been expanded to other parts of the State and is now administered by several local authorities.  NPHF has contracted with staff to complete needed projects for public agencies such as adoption incentive programs, sex trafficking programs and prevention of infectious diseases.  NPHF has acted as a pass through non-profit agency to provide trainings to agency staff.  NPHF has been used as a means to get services/programs to communities in a rapid, short-term eligibility period.  NPHF has the ability to receive funds and quickly implement services for the welfare and public health of all Nevadans.

NPHF’s original mission statement was “The Nevada Public Health Foundation is committed to eradicating those public health programs that have a great human cost to Nevadans, in terms of public and private dollars, personal productivity, and quality of life.  It will accomplish this vision by obtaining and providing funds for innovative, sustainable solutions that promote prevention, and encourage community partnership.”  The mission of the Foundation has morphed over the years, but remains true to its original purpose.  The current mission statement is “NPHF serve as an essential public health partner in mobilizing resources and delivering programs to build a health future for Nevada.”  The vision is “A health future for Nevada communities and the people who live in them.”