Nevadans For Antibiotic Awareness

Nevadans for Antibiotic Awareness (NAA) is a statewide task force of over 50 state and local public and private agencies/companies committed to reducing antibiotic resistance by decreasing inappropriate use and improving infection control.

NAA, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and 31 other states are currently working to increase public awareness of the dangers of inappropriate antibiotic use.


Every person in Nevada will be aware of the impact of the global problem of antibiotic resistance and the consequences of inappropriate antibiotic use. Each person will participate in judicious antibiotic use and will make health care choices which enhance their immune system.


To carry out public awareness programs to reach all health care consumers including parents, children, and seniors, for the purpose of education about behaviors that promote a healthy immune system and judicious antibiotic use.

How can you support NAA? You can become a partner. Nevadans for Antibiotic Awareness (NAA) is composed of a broad base of professionals from public and private healthcare institutions, services and related entities who work together to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics in Nevada.

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