Statutory Rape Education Project

Statutory Rape is a major issue in the United States; to combat this, every state has laws in place to protect young people from perpetrators and inappropriate sexual relationships. These inappropriate relationships are harmful for the adolescent involved. According to Child Trends, in 2002 approximately 13% of female and 5% of males under the age of 18 had experienced statutory rape. In Nevada 70% of the babies born to teen mothers are fathered by adult men (2004 Nevada Vital Statistics). Statutory rape victims are more likely to become pregnant, contract a sexually transmitted disease, drop out of school, experiment with drugs and alcohol, etc.

In Nevada Statutory Rape is called
  Statutory Sexual Seduction!

The Nevada Public Health Foundation’s (NPHF) Statutory Rape Education Project provides presentations free of charge to further statutory rape education across Nevada. Currently, NPHF offers the following five classes to groups, organizations, law enforcement agencies, and schools:

  • Statutory Rape Awareness for Teens
  • Statutory Rape Awareness for Parents
  • Statutory Rape Awareness for Mandatory Reporters
  • Enforcing Statutory Rape Laws in Nevada
  • Assisting the Statutory Rape Victim-Witness in Nevada

These classes are available to interested organizations and not to individual people. Any interested organizations please contact (775) 884-0392 or e-mail

If you would like more information on the classes provided, a presentation brochure is available for download HERE.

The Nevada Public Health Foundation welcomes Tess Peterson!

Tess is our new Statutory Rape Awareness Program Manager. To contact Tess and schedule a class or presentation, or for more information: