Statutory Rape On-line Resource Center

Nevada Revised Statutes Pertaining to Statutory Rape
NRS 200.364  Statutory Sexual Seduction – Definition
NRS 200.368  Statutory Sexual Seduction – Penalties
NRS 201.540  Sexual conduct between certain employees of school or volunteers at school and pupil
NRS 201.550  Sexual conduct between certain employees of college or university and student
NRS 432B.020  “Abuse or Neglect of a Child” Defined
NRS 432B.100  Sexual Abuse Defined
NRS 432B.220  Persons required to make report (i.e. Mandatory Reporters)
NRS 432B.230  Method of making report
NRS 432B.240  Penalty for failure to make report

*New laws went into effect on October 1, 2015 and my not be updated on the NRS website*


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