Tess Peterson, BSW

Health Information Manger

Tess Peterson was born and raised in Northern Arizona. She attended Arizona State University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She spends her spare time outdoors with her husband and their dogs.   Tess is most interested in youth development, with a particular focus on the differently abled population.  She intends to advance human rights and social and economic justice through work in social service and public health.

Tess is the Health Information Manager at Nevada Public Health Foundation (NPHF). In this capacity, she works closely with the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) to provide Statutory Rape Education Training all over the state of Nevada. She presents to teens, parents, mandatory reporters and other community members in schools, after-school programs, juvenile justice facilities, hospitals, non-profits, and other public health agencies across the state. She also works to provide quarterly S.T.A.R.S.  (Supporting Teens Achieving Real-Life Success) training’s to pregnant and parenting teens receiving public assistance. Tess also plays a vital role in coordinating the annual DNPHF conference for social workers, educators, public health professionals and others in the helping profession.

“As the Health Information Manager, I believe one of the best ways to reach our vision at NPHF of ‘a healthy future for Nevada communities and the people who live in them.’ is to provide educational outreach opportunities to Nevadans using scientifically based, medically and legally accurate information.” -Tess Peterson