Tess Peterson, BSW

Program Manger

Tess Peterson is the Program Manager at Nevada Public Health Foundation. She is devoted to empowering youth to reach their highest level of awesome. She is passionate about doing prevention work with youth and has years of experience working with young adults with special needs and their families.

In her role at Nevada Public Health Foundation she works across the state to educate teens, mandatory reporters, and community members on the laws surrounding sex-related crimes. Tess enjoys working not just with teens, but their families as well and organizes workshops for pregnant and parenting individuals.

Tess is instrumental in planning and organizing a wide variety of trainings, events, and conferences for state agencies. In addition, she manages the NPHF website and designs NPHF marketing and event materials.

As Program Manager, Tess is a leader for NHPF staff members and supervises BSW interns. Tess is a graduate of Arizona State University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is currently attending the University of Nevada Reno for her Master's degree in Social Work. She spends her spare time enjoying the outdoors with her husband and their dog.

“As the Health Information Manager, I believe one of the best ways to reach our vision at NPHF of ‘a healthy future for Nevada communities and the people who live in them.’ is to provide educational outreach opportunities to Nevadans using scientifically based, medically and legally accurate information.” -Tess Peterson