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Nevada Public Health Foundation aims to build a healthy future for Nevadans through statewide partnerships that address public health needs. Through its community-building efforts, NPHF has helped establish a variety of statewide initiatives such as a jail diversion program in Carson City that has since been expanded to other parts of the State. NPHF has completed many projects for public agencies such as adoption incentive programs, sex trafficking programs, and prevention of infectious diseases. Our staff has the ability to make services and programs available to communities in a rapid, short-term eligibility period by receiving funds and quickly implementing services for the welfare and public health of all Nevadans.

At Nevada Public Health Foundation, we believe a healthy Nevada provides locals with:

    • Access to adequate and appropriate healthcare
    • Plenty of food to minimize and eliminate food insecurity
    • Affordable and quality insurance for all
    • An environment that is safe to live and breathe in

Our Mission

Nevada Public Health Foundation is an essential partner in advancing health and wellness for our communities. We identify important initiatives, assemble key partners, and accelerate outcomes needed to enrich our population’s health.

Our Vision

Educating, informing, and empowering Nevada communities to achieve healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Values

  • Inclusive: From small, local programs to federal organizations, we are proud to work with a variety of health professionals to benefit the public health of Nevada.
  • Caring: NPHF is passionate about serving our community. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that we are sharing essential information to improve the health of Nevadans.
  • Knowledgeable: With over two decades of experience, our team is well-versed in public health, making us the ideal partner to support health initiatives in Nevada.
  • Agile: Not only are we all too familiar with the obstacles that public health presents, but overcoming them is where we shine. We are adept at finding custom solutions to help programs and service providers efficiently achieve their goals.


Our Impact

Since 1996, NPHF has accomplished a variety of tasks to make Nevada healthier and safer. A few of our greatest achievements include:

  • Providing numerous continuing education credits to to licensees from a variety of Board.
  • Conducting a variety of professional conferences on topics related to domestic violence, suicide prevention, substance abuse disorders, children with special health care needs, and more.
  • Facilitating countless meetings with collaborative partners to reach a consensus for services.
  • Helping build community relationships, services, and programs throughout Nevada on topics such as emergency preparedness, HIV, and more.


Our Goals

To continue building a healthy Nevada, our goals are to:

  • Continue providing education opportunities to local programs and professionals through conferences, classes, and workshops.
  • Increase impact and improve public health services through networking and collaborating with local agencies.
  • Offer more UNR and UNLV scholarships to help improve the public health workforce in Nevada.
  • Continue being a leader in public health initiatives.