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Nevada Public Health Foundation (NPHF) was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) education non-profit organization in April 1996. We serve as an essential partner to build a healthy future for Nevadans through statewide partnerships that build public awareness and promote actions to address public health needs. Since its creation, NPHF has had a strong relationship with the Department of Health and Human Services agencies.

Specifically, we have worked with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, the Division of Child and Family Services, and the Division of Aging and Disability Services. NPHF has been used as a means to get services and programs to communities in a rapid, short-term eligibility period. Our status as an educational non-profit allows us to receive funds and quickly implement services for the welfare and public health of all Nevadans.


1996 – Nevada Public Health Foundation founded by former Department of Health & Human Services administrators.

1999 – The Statutory Rape Prevention Program was created to decrease statutory rape incidences, reduce teen pregnancy, and educate Nevadans on local laws.

2000 – NPHF completed the Master Service Agreement (MSA) issued through the Nevada State Purchasing Department.

2004 – State Attorney General, Frankie Sue Del Papa, brought forward the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.

2012 – NPHF was granted the United Way of Northern Nevada’s Standard of Excellence – Partner Status.