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Rota Rosaschi


With 18 years of her career spent in public health and 30 years in public welfare in Nevada, Rota L. Rosaschi possesses a diverse and well-informed knowledge of Nevada’s public health needs.  Ms. Rosaschi serves on the Nevada Health Care Financing & Policy Medical Care Advisory Board, the Access to Healthcare Network Board,  the School of Community Health Sciences Advisory Board and the School of Social Work Community Advisory Board.  She has served on the Nevada Osteopathic Medical Board , the Children’s Justice Act Task Force, Statewide Citizen Review Panel Subcommittee, and the Great Basin Public Health Leadership Institute Board.

Ms. Rosaschi, a Nevada native, brings a unique view to her work having spent a great deal of her career devoted to improving the quality of life for Nevada children, the elderly and needy adults.  Ms. Rosaschi was a key player in Nevada’s welfare reform, implemented in the late 1990s wherein she developed public welfare programs providing statewide employment and training services and removing barriers to work for Nevada single-mothers and needy two-parent families move towards self-sufficiency.  Prior to this, she was nationally recognized for her work in adoptions and child welfare.  Ms. Rosaschi has supervised countless staff in her 47 years of service and worked in all levels of state government and as the executive director for a non-profit.  Ms. Rosaschi retired from state government as the Chief of Employment and Support Services having served in that capacity for 10 years and 30 years overall with the State of Nevada.  Additionally, Ms. Rosaschi has given of herself in the private arena by serving on the Northern Nevada Priest Review Board, which serves as the sexual abuse advisory board to the Catholic Diocese in Reno.

In her executive director capacity, Ms. Rosaschi works closely with state, local and non-profit agencies on issues of mutual interest to those of the Nevada Public Health Foundation’s. The NPHF is always a willing partner and frequently facilitates meetings, organizes public health conferences, implements legislative directives, trains and secures public speakers on public health issues. This is due in large part to Ms. Rosaschi’s skills in these areas.

Ms. Rosaschi received her B.A. degree in Social Work and her Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno.