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NPHF Maintains Fiscal Accountability For All Programs and Funding Streams 

At Nevada Public Health Fund, grant management is a top priority for our team. Researching, applying for, and managing grant awards requires consistent attention to the processes. At NPHF, we have systems in place to be sure the approved grant management activities are carried out with integrity and the results are noted for demonstrated compliance. We understand that grant proposals require a great budget, so we have a sound financial management system in place utilizing the most accepted accounting principles for nonprofits.
At NPHF, we also have a system of cost management and controls to ensure proper cost allocation and compliance required by the funding source are in place. We always report fairly and accurately on the spending of funds. To achieve the level of transparency, NPHF has a regular yearly audit that examines income expenditures associated with a grant to determine whether financial transactions are properly recorded and documented according to generally accepted account principles. NPHF follows the core principles of grant management and to keep organized and consistent, each grant awarded is given a project file to be used to document essential business information and hold papers. 


Develop New Partnerships and Funding Opportunities

At the Nevada Public Health Foundation, we understand that grants can make up a significant portion of a nonprofit’s budget, so we are there from start to finish with our partners. We assist nonprofits with grant management and all of the administration and work that goes into using and fulfilling the requirements of a grant. This includes tasks such as reporting, tracking, and evaluating necessary expenditures and documents. Finally, we put your mission first to ensure your mission and the grant are a good fit.


Learn how NPHF can help

We look forward to working with your state agency to help in grant management. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us to learn more.