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Program Development

At Nevada Public Health Fund, we support nonprofits by assisting with the planning process used to establish local programs in Nevada. Before the grant writing process can begin, we ask the organization to paint a comprehensive picture of their ideal program. We listen as they describe how many people their program will serve and help to coordinate how each of their staff members will help to keep the program running. As much as we love sharing in the excitement of potential community programs, it is our job to take that vision and evaluate exactly what the organization will need to make it a reality.


The development process

When working with our partners, our goal is to always find the primary purpose of the program, then, we see if there is a need for the program. Our focus is to find how the program design will help meet the community’s needs. Then, our next steps are to find the true costs associated with program development, implementation, and reporting to help find grants and donors. At NPHF, we are there with our partners from beginning to end to help put together materials and services to create community partnerships and collaborations.

We assist with the following services:

  • Defining the program’s purpose including activities and impact.
  • Determining the need for the program including service recipients, needs, opportunities, reach, competitors, and more.
  • Creating a management plan for staffing needs, roles, and responsibilities. 
  • Establishing financial needs and requirements needed to launch and operate the program.
  • Conducting a risk analysis to determine current and potential risks associated with the program, activities, etc.
  • Writing a marketing plan to help reach the program’s target audience, funders, etc.


Learn how NPHF can help

We look forward to working with your state agency to help plan a successful program. Our staff has the resources and knowledge to help you plan and manage any type of program. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us to learn more.