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Strengthening the health of Nevada communities

Nevada Public Health Foundation is an essential partner in advancing the health and wellness of our communities. We identify important initiatives, assemble key partners, and accelerate outcomes needed to enrich our population’s health.

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Our Programs

NPHF empowers our communities to live healthy lives by offering a variety of programs throughout the state. From facilitation and training to organizing conferences to overseeing community health initiatives, our programs play a major role in strengthening public health outcomes in Nevada.

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Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)

In January 2021, NPHF committed to working with various partners in the 15 rural counties of Nevada to help educate and create CARA plans of care for mothers giving birth to drug-exposed babies. Since the commencement of this contract, our team has worked with various local partners to achieve the following goals.

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The Nevada Public Health Foundation was established in 1996 as a partner of the Department of Health and Human Services agencies. Through our various efforts, our goal is to address the public health needs in Nevada through statewide partnerships that build public awareness and promote action.

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