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Nevada Public Health Foundation (NPHF) is a 501(c)(3) education organization serving as an essential public health partner in identifying opportunities, mobilizing resources, and delivering programs to build a healthy future for Nevada.

Our vision is for a healthy future for all Nevada communities and the people who live in them.

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Updates in Health News:

Cannabidiol slashes seizures in kids with rare epilepsy, study finds

CNN - 19 hours ago
(CNN) Cannabidiol, which is found in marijuana plants, reduced the number of convulsive seizures in children with a severe and often fatal epilepsy disorder, according to research published Wednesday...

Fitness trackers largely inaccurate when counting calories, Stanford researchers say

The Denver Post - 33 minutes ago
Calorie counting is a useful way to lose weight, but a new study suggests a fitness tracker could sabotage your efforts. The devices are overwhelmingly popular. For instance, since its inception, the...

Debate rages in India on IVF for women over 50

ABC News - 12 hours ago
In this Dec. 23, 2016 photo, Manjeet Kaur, left, watches her daughter Gurjeet crawling in the compound of their house in Ellenabad, India. Gurjeet is the child Kaur yearned for desperately, after 40...

Sextuplets born in Virginia to couple who spent 17 years trying to conceive a child

Washington Post - 1 hour ago
For 17 years, Ajibola and Adeboye Taiwo tried to have a child but had no luck. Until now — times six. Ajibola Taiwo gave birth to sextuplets earlier this month at a Richmond hospital, and doctors...

Residents of halfway house found two men dead from overdoses — their drug counselors

Washington Post - 18 hours ago
The man's losing battle with heroin was laid out right there on the nightstand of the halfway house. There were three morning devotionals, including “God Calling,” geared toward keeping a...

What the DNA of the Zika virus tells scientists about its rapid spread

Los Angeles Times - 4 hours ago
A family tree can reveal a lot, especially if it belongs to a microscopic troublemaker with a knack for genetic shape-shifting. DNA sleuthing can outline the route an emerging pathogen might take...

Magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug, study says

9NEWS.com - 1 day ago
A new survey found that when it comes to recreational drug use, magic mushrooms appear to be the safest drug. Only .2% of almost 10,000 people who reported taking psilocybin hallucinogenic mushrooms...

Chocolate tied to decreased risk of irregular heart rhythm

Yahoo News - 1 day ago
A man gives a chocolate demonstration inside The Chocolate Museum in New York, U.S., May 10, 2017. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton. More. By Andrew M. Seaman. Eating a small amount of chocolate every week...

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